Illustration of Romano’s ‘Copy Shop’ lyrics for German magazine Musikexpress


    Illustrations for Libertine magazine for an article on trend forecaster Li Edelkoort


    Illustration with SZ Scala for Google


    Patterns, drawings, figurines and perfume bottles for German chemist chain Rossmann


    A set design collaboration with Studio Tina Reisinger


    Several illustrations for Fluter.de – the online issue of German Youth Magazine of the Federal Centre for Political Education


    A graphic tee with from Adidas Originals with an artwork by Daavid Mörtl

  • Interior Works

    A selection of illustrative interior related artworks

  • VORN

    'Sync Up!' – a contribution for VORN magazine, published by photographer Joachim Baldauf


    Illustrations for Dummy magazine – das Gesellschaftsmagazin, issue 50

  • Hi There! (Boomerang)

    Four funky characters

  • KaDeWe

    A selection of images for the magazine of the legendary department store – on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

  • MUH

    A selection of short story illustrations for MUH magazine


    Moderat related artworks in collaboration with design collective Pfadfinderei

  • Simon Fujiwara

    The Problem of the Rock – map and typography for a catalogue of Simon Fujiwara

  • W&V

    Essay illustration for Werben Und Verkaufen magazine

  • From Tip To Toe

    Patterns and typography for a Gestalten book on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

  • Esprit

    Artwork, ornaments and calligraphy for clothing company Esprit via Bureau Mario Lombardo

  • Solar Blue Coating

    Illustrative fashion artwork

  • Occulto

    Illustrations for Occulto magazine – Imaginary Publishing For A Complex Life

  • The European

    Editorial illustration for The European – magazine of debates

  • Wolford

    Illustrations and portraits. Legs and tights.

  • Deutsche Bank Art Mag

    Two explosive view illustrations for the DB art magazine

  • Morandell

    Wine maker portraits for Morandell on behalf of studio GREAT

  • Teen Ghosts in Tainted TV Settings

    Pathetic backdrops and poor actresses

  • Sleek

    Illustration – „N“ is for Nineteeneightythree – for Sleek magazine

  • Hotel Charleroi Annexe

    Graphic design and artwork for a publication on an artists-in-residence project in Belgium

  • Spex

    Collumn illustrations for Spex – magazine of pop culture

  • L’ Officiel Hommes

    Big watches for the gentlemen's magazine

  • Faces

    A selection of potraits from 2006 to 2016

  • Zitty

    Miscellaneous illustrations for Zitty magazine's food and drink issue

  • A Space Called Public

    Miscellaneous material for an event of outdoor artistic interventions, initiated by Elmgreen & Dragset

  • Mixology

    Front page image for Mixology magazine

  • Works 2011 – 2012

    A selection of artworks on paper

  • Seducing Items

    Some figures of objects

  • German Telekom

    Ornaments, icons, wall patterns and calligraphy on wall, screen and print for Telekom's IFA-2011 pavilion

  • MOMO

    A re-design pitch for Thienemann Verlag involving the children's book classic – on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

  • Prototypes

    Unreleased designs for album covers

  • Gibbins European Architects

    Visualisations for a residential urban planning project

  • Fräulein

    Lettering and content illustration for Fräulein magazine

  • Works 2009 – 2010

    A selection of artworks on paper

  • Berlin Fashion Book

    Illustrations for the summer 2011 issue – on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

  • Brand Eins

    Illustrations for the German economy magazine

  • GZ Live

    Illustrations for GZ LIVE – the Jewellery-Watches-Fashion magazine

  • Style League

    Illustrations for Style League magazine

  • Ein Wochenende in Bad Blut

    Thesis work album, involving illustration and book design to accompany texts by German writer Max Goldt

  • Schnitt

    Illustrations for German film magazine Schnitt.