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    Interior Works

    A selection of illustrative interior related artworks

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    Several illustrations for Fluter.de – the online issue of German Youth Magazine of the Federal Centre for Political Education

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    Hi There! (Boomerang)

    Four rad 'n' funky characters

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    'Sync Up!' – a contribution for VORN magazine, published by photographer Joachim Baldauf

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    Illustrations for Dummy magazine – das Gesellschaftsmagazin, issue 50

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    Essay illustration for Werben Und Verkaufen magazine

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    A selection of short story illustrations for MUH magazine

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    A selection of images for the magazine of the legendary department store – on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

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    Moderat related artworks in collaboration with design collective Pfadfinderei

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    Simon Fujiwara

    The Problem of the Rock – map and typography for a catalogue of Simon Fujiwara

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    Artwork, ornaments and calligraphy for clothing company Esprit via Bureau Mario Lombardo

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    From Tip To Toe

    Patterns and typography for a Gestalten book on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

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    Solar Blue Coating

    Digital illustrative fashion artwork

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    Illustrations for Occulto magazine – Imaginary Publishing For A Complex Life

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    The European

    Editorial illustration for The European – magazine of debates

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    Illustrations and portraits. Legs and tights.

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    Deutsche Bank Art Mag

    Two explosive view illustrations for the DB art magazine

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    Wine maker portraits for Morandell on behalf of studio GREAT

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    Teen Ghosts in Tainted TV Settings

    Pathetic backdrops and poor actresses

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    Illustration – „N“ is for Nineteeneightythree – for Sleek magazine

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    Hotel Charleroi Annexe

    Graphic design and artwork for a publication on an artists-in-residence project in Belgium

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    Collumn illustrations for Spex – magazine of pop culture

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    L' Officiel Hommes

    Big watches for the gentlemen's magazine

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    A selection of potraits from 2006 to 2016

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    Miscellaneous illustrations for Zitty magazine's food and drink issue

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    A Space Called Public

    Miscellaneous material for an event of outdoor artistic interventions, initiated by Elmgreen & Dragset

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    Front page image for Mixology magazine

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    Works 2011 – 2012

    A selection of artworks on paper

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    Seducing Items

    Some figures of objects

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    German Telekom

    Ornaments, icons, wall patterns and calligraphy on wall, screen and print for Telekom's IFA-2011 pavilion

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    A re-design pitch for Thienemann Verlag involving the children’s book classic – on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

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    Unreleased designs for album covers

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    Gibbins European Architects

    Visualisations for a residential urban planning project

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    Lettering and content illustration for Fräulein magazine

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    Works 2009 – 2010

    A selection of artworks on paper

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    Berlin Fashion Book

    Illustrations for the summer 2011 issue – on behalf of Bureau Mario Lombardo

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    Brand Eins

    Illustrations for the German economy magazine

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    GZ Live

    Illustrations for GZ LIVE – the Jewellery-Watches-Fashion magazine

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    Style League

    Illustrations for Style League magazine

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    Ein Wochenende in Bad Blut

    Thesis work album, involving illustration and book design to accompany texts by German writer Max Goldt

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    Illustrations for German film magazine Schnitt.