Teen Ghosts in Tainted TV Settings

A series of work – drawings, watercolour pieces and digital arrangements about haunted TV studios, 2012 / 2013, mixed media on paper / digitally processed


Storage Unit / Untitled


DTM Opening Sequence 1, Talking Head Detached, The Sun Also Sets, GOTH AM AD, Cloud Setting, DTM Opening Sequence 2, Untitled, Teen Ghosts Title Card, Network, Dokukanal, Ghosts, Studio 7 – For Rent


Is Afterlife Making You Depressed!?


Solving the Misfortune of Episode 725


Soap Operas Have Idiosyncratic Blocking Techniques

“Soap operas have idiosyncratic blocking techniques. In one common situation, a romantically involved couple starts a conversation face-to-face, then one character will turn 180° and face away from the other character while conversation continues. This allows both characters to appear together in a single shot, and both facing the audience. This is unrealistic in real life and is not frequently seen in film or on television outside US daytime serials, but it is an accepted soap opera convention, sometimes referred to as a Two Shot West.” (Jason, Mittell)


Are You Ready To See You?


Floating Cast


Ever Foggy Backdrop


Domestic Interiors

“Domestic interiors are often furnished with stained wood wall panels and furniture, and items of brown leather furniture. This is to give a sumptuous and luxurious look suggesting the wealth of the characters. Daytime serials often foreground other sumptuous elements of set decoration; presenting a “mid-shot of characters viewed through a frame of lavish floral displays, glittering crystal decanters or gleaming antique furniture”. (Kate Bowles)

A Storm is Coming

Train on Film


No Infomercial Audience


Louise Reveals