WORKS 2009 – 2010

A selection of works on paper.

Einge Interieurfragen

Einige Interieurfragen, 2010, ink, watercolour and crayons


Some Objects and Ettore Sottsass in 3D, 2010, ink, watercolour and crayons




Helene and a Table Full of Objects (One of Mike Kelley‘s Kandor Sculptures, a Candy Container, Two Shapes of Lava Lamps, a Skyline Table Clock, a Bunny Electra Plasma Lamp, a Memphis Design Lamp, a Tamagotchi, a Gothic Candle-holder, a Videophone, a Dancing Coke Can and, in Her Hand, a Dustbuster)

2009, ink, watercolour and crayons


Interior Composition (Frank Lloyd Wright Origami Chair, Plasma Ball, Monkey Clock and Iridescent Foil), 2009, ink on paper4

Untitled, 2009, pencil on paper

No Shape Of Things To Come

No Shape of Things to Come, 2010, ink, watercolour and crayons

Bucky Dome und Torwächter

Bucky Dome / Torwächter, 2010, coloured crayons on paper

Interieurstudie 1

Interieurstudie Eins, 2010, pencil on paper

Black Martini überarbeitet

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Black Martini, 2009, ink on paper

Revival und Architekturstudie

Revival / Architekturstudie, 2010, crayons on paper


Symposium – Ich War Nicht Da, 2010, ink, watercolour and crayon


CD Tower / Energy Box / Untitled, 2010, ink, watercolour / coloured crayons


Wer-Weiß-Es Unter Den Arkaden, 2010, ink, watercolour and crayon

talking head

Talking Head, 2010, ink, watercolour and crayon on paper